Projects completed

The project aims at faster and more agile integration of innovations from microelectronics and software in automotive systems. For this purpose, the Chair of Methods and a tool for rapid and early consistency testing is already working in the specification phase.


The project deals with methods for digitizing cyber-physical systems. For this purpose, a "Digital Twin" is used which collects and analyzes data from the operation. Targets are in the short term the intelligent diagnosis in ongoing operation, and in the longer term the learning of models for the development with closer integration of development and operation (DevOps Integration) on security-relevant system functions.


It is examined how uncertainties - unsharp knowledge, context knowledge, inaccurate models, possible causes of errors, etc. - can be formalized and introduced in the model-based development process (MBSE) and how software for self-diagnosis (OBD) can be generated from this information.