Power Aware Embedded Systems

 Anzahl der SWS: 2 Std. / 1 Std.
 Anzahl der ECTS Credits: 4
 Veranstalter: TUK - Chair "Design of Cyber-Physical Systems"
 Unterrichtssprache: English
 Kennung: INF-64-52-V-6
 Prüfungsnummer des Prüfungsamtes: 66452

Introduction: Automotive systems, Driver-Vehicle-Environment, HW/SW Architectures
Development Processes: Value chain, reliability and safety, development models and processes
Foundations of Model-Based Design: Formal foundations, control flow models, data- and signal flow models
Languages for Model-Based Design: Mission profiles, SysML, Matlab, SystemC
Outlook: DevOps integration, Digital twin

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  • S. Friedenthal, A. Moore, R. Steiner: A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language, Morgan Kaufman 2014. 
  • Grundlagen eingebetteter Systeme
  • Grundlagen des SW-Engineering