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CPS: Cyber-Physical Systems

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Chair "Development of Cyber-Physical Systems" (Dr. Ch. Grimm, Professor)

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are characterised by networking the classical Embedded Systems. Networking and opening Embedded Systems to networks and IT systems has a tremendous potential to improve devices, infrastructures and services. and will change our future lives.

However, this leads to a number of challenges, including: 

  • Increasing complexity and heterogeneity require new means for abstraction, allowing us to deal with highly complex and heterogeneous CPS in a reasonable and effective way. 
  • Growing incompleteness of models, specification, knowledge that makes it more and more impossible for the human mind to anticipate e.g. all use cases or faults. 
  • Need for intelligent and adaptive behaviour to deal with the above issues; this refers to scientific methods, engineering tools and humans. 

 We follow the following research strains to overcome these issues: 

  • Symbolic modelling, analysis, verification of heterogeneous systems with uncertainties, e.g. in the project GENIAL
  • Integration of requirements engineering, design, operation (DevOps) with continuous verification. 
  • Digital Twin and IoT platform VICINITY, in particular for capturing and aggregation of data from operation with particular focus on security and privacy, e.g. in the project Arrowhead Tools. 


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