Automotive Software and Systems Engineering


Virtual prototyping is a methodology for model based systems development. It enables the refinement and development of Software subsystems in a virtual environment, running, testing and debugging it on virtual hardware platforms. The industry standard for virtual prototyping is the modeling language SystemC. This lecture gives a comprehensive introduction into virtual prototyping, including foundations of modeling, and the modeling languages SysML and SystemC including its TLM and AMS extensions. 

The lecture comes with a SystemC lab (mandatory for registration to test). 

Excellent knowledge of C/C++ or at least Java is expected prior starting the lab and the lecture. 

In parallel to the lectures , students follow a lab in which SystemC (-AMS, -TLM) is introduced by presentations and hands-on examples. 

L1: SystemC introduction

L2: SystemC AMS introduction

L3: SystemC TLM introduction

L4: Full system simulation with ISS, SystemC (AMS, TLM); three groups of students develop an "e-throttle system":


  • a) Methods and Software on an ISS with TLM interface (CS students preferred)
  • b) A/D converter; behavioral model with TLM interface (EE or CS students)
  • c) PWM driver; behavioral models with TLM interface (EE or CS students)
  • d) Model of a e-throttle with motor model is given by supervisor (given by supervisor) 

In the last session and also before, the components developed in concurrent by the students shall be put together to validate overall system integration.